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Bambouskova receives the Pfizer-Showell Award

Monika Bambouskova, PhD
Monika Bambouskova, PhD

Dr. Bambouskova has received the Pfizer-Showell Award from the American Association of Immunologists. The Pfizer-Showell Award recognizes the professional promise of an early career investigator by assisting the award recipient with registration for the AAI annual meeting to present their research. This award is supported through an endowment from Henry J. Showell and Pfizer, Inc.

Monika Bambouskova, PhD joined the faculty in the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Lipid Research in the Department of Medicine as an Instructor in Medicine in July 2020.

Dr. Bambouskova’s research interests are in the specific metabolic requirements of immune cells that provide novel promising targets of therapeutic intervention to modulate inflammatory diseases. Dr. Bambouskova studies how metabolic regulation integrates with immune cell signaling. During her postdoctoral work she focused on metabolic rewiring in activating macrophages, particularly on the role of metabolite itaconate in regulation of macrophage inflammatory response. Her work defined a fundamentally novel connection between the cellular stress response and IκBζ-mediated inflammatory axis and its therapeutic impact for a number of autoimmune diseases. Her ongoing research program employs molecular biology and biochemistry techniques together with systems approaches to tackle molecular mechanisms of crosstalk between metabolism and cell signaling in the regulation of immune responses.