Urano and Jasim discuss Wolfram syndrome case report on AACE Podcast 

On September 11, 2023, Fumihiko Urano, MD, PhD and Sina Jasim, MD, MPH, were featured on the AACE’s podcast titled “Episode 41: AACE Clinical Case Report on Wolfram Syndrome.” As the editor in chief of AACE Clinical Case Reports, Dr. Jasim welcomes Wolfram syndrome expert Dr. Urano, to discuss his recent case report, published by […]

Associations of HNF1β gene deletion

On September 6, 2023, Sister Grace Miriam Usala, MS, MD; Alberto Sobrero, BSc; Amy Riek, MD; Janet B. McGill, MD, MA, FACE, FACP and Fumihiko Urano, MD, PhD had their clinical case report titled “Cystic and Atrophic Kidneys, Atrophic Pancreas, Arcuate Uterus, and Diabetes Mellitus Associated With Deletion of HNF1β Gene,” published in AACE Clinical […]

Jasim and colleagues provide insight to the molecular characteristics of isthmus thyroid cancers

Sina Jasim, MD, MPH

On September 21, Sina Jasim, MD, in collaboration with Washington University Department of Surgery colleagues Eileen R. Smith, MD; Corbin Frye, MD; T.K. Pandian, MD, MPH; William E. Gillanders, MD; John A. Olson Jr., MD, PhD; and Taylor C. Brown, MD, MHS, FACS, had their research article titled “Molecular characteristics of isthmus papillary thyroid cancers: […]

Riek and colleagues discuss limited utility of free triidothyronine testing

In September 2023, Amy Riek, MD and fellow Washington University School of Medicine colleagues Yanchun Lin, PhD; Ann Gronowski, PhD; and Christopher Farnsworth, PhD of the department of Pathology and Immunology, had their journal article titled “Limited Utility of Free Triiodothyronine Testing” published in The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine. When thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) […]