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Herrick publishes article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine

Cynthia Herrick, MD, FACP
Cynthia Herrick, MD, FACP

Dr. Herrick and collaborators published their article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine on September 1, 2020.

In their study, the researchers compared cost coping behaviors and cost conversation strategies among individuals with multiple chronic conditions, comparing participants with and without diabetes.

The authors stated, “Most strikingly, while individuals with diabetes were more likely to have private insurance or Medicare, they were still more likely to report spending less on basic needs to pay for medications. Individuals commonly spent less on food, a trade off that can be counterproductive for type 2 diabetes where healthy food choices may improve glycemic control and minimize medication need. However, healthy foods may also be more expensive and difficult to access than generic medications. Our study highlights the importance of considering multi-modal interventions for individuals with diabetes and financial strain, addressing not only medication cost but also food insecurity and quality. Cost conversations are important and acceptable within the clinical encounter and must address basic needs as well as medication.”

Collaborators include Sarah Humble MS, Laura Hollar MD, Su-Hsin Chang PhD, Jean Hunleth PhD, MPH, Amy McQueen PhD and Aimee S. James PhD, MPH.

Cost-Related Medication Non-adherence, Cost Coping Behaviors, and Cost Conversations Among Individuals with and Without Diabetes