Metabolic Effects of Hydroxychloroquine


Active study and enrollment suspended COVID-19

Study title

 Metabolic Effects of Hydroxychloroquine

Purpose of the study

The purpose of this research study is to learn if hydroxychloroquine added to your current diabetes treatment will reduce blood glucose. We also hope to learn what effect, if any, the study drug may have on indicators in your blood of inflammation in your body and on LDL or “bad” cholesterol.  Chronic inflammation and high LDL have been implicated in many heart, blood, and sleep disorders, including atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart failure and sleep apnea.


  18 to 75 years old with Type 2 Diabetes treated with Metformin Only


 Participants must not take fish oil greater than 1000mg daily, niacin, fibrates or atypical antipsychotics; participants must not have a history of psoriasis, stroke or coronary artery disease

What Is involved

  1. Duration This study will take about 8 weeks to complete. There are up to 3 study visits. Visit 1 takes about 1 hour and Visits 2 & 3 take about 8 hours each.
  2. Tests/procedures Participation includes insulin clamps (requires ability to lie on your back for 6 to 8 hours), physical exam, non- fasting blood draw, ECG, and pregnancy test if female.
  3. Risks Risks will be discussed with volunteers as part of the informed consent process.
  4. Benefits Benefits will be discussed with volunteers as part of the informed consent process.
  5. Compensation Up to 375 dollars is provided.

Primary outcome measure

 Change in insulin resistance over a four-week treatment period  


Clay Semenkovich, MD; Janet McGill, MD

Contact information

Stacy Hurst       (314) 747-3294 Identifier: NCT02026232