STEM education outreach event in partnership with JDRF

August 7, 2017

The Millman lab was honored to bring in local type 1 diabetic children to visit his diabetes and stem cell research lab. Dr. Millman partnered with JDRF to develop this outreach event to encourage STEM education in young children. The children were able to see active stem cell differentiations and experiments, the laboratory space, and large research equipment. The importance of lab safety was discussed, with each children being able to wear lab glasses, lab coats, and gloves. Questions on science, technology, and STEM education were answered. We concluded with a speed pipetting competition. We really enjoyed our visitors and hope that they had fun! A special thank you to Dr. Nathaniel Hogrebe, Leonardo Velazco-Cruz, Anurima Sharma, and Kristina Maxwell from the Millman lab and Dr. Amy Clark and Dr. Steven Stone from the Urano lab for helping along with JDRF!