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Lodhi Lab receives first NIH R01 award

Irfan Lodhi’s lab has received its first NIH R01 funding for a project entitled, “Regulation of Adipose Tissue Remodeling and Energy Homeostasis.” Obesity and diabetes are an enormous public health problem. The studies proposed in the grant could identify a novel strategy for treating these metabolic disorders. The overall objective of this project is to understand the molecular mechanism through which PexRAP and its interacting proteins program adipose tissue development and regulate energy homeostasis.

Irfan Lodhi, PhD
Lodhi Lab receives first NIH R01 award

Lodhi said, “This work could provide a significant insight into molecular mechanisms involved in adipose tissue remodeling. Understanding how PexRAP and its associated proteins control adipocyte identity will be critical for designing strategies to increase brown and beige fat mass to treat obesity.”

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Lodhi Publication:

PexRAP Inhibits PRDM16-Mediated Thermogenic Gene Expression