Anabel L. Castro-Grattoni, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Anabel grew up in Mendoza, Argentina. She moved with her family to Spain to continue her education, earning her degree in Biomedical Science and her Master in Biomedical Research from the University of Lleida. She then completed her PhD in Health at University of Lleida in 2016, focused on cardiovascular biology in the context of sleep breathing disorders. Her work was directed to define the morphological and molecular mechanisms involved in the cardiovascular remodeling associated to intermittent hypoxia and she was involved in several clinical studies in patients with sleep apnea.

Research Interests

During her postdoctoral training in the University of Missouri (Columbia, MO), under the guidance of Dr. David Gozal, she developed an expertise on the cellular bioenergetics and metabolism of immune cells, endothelial cells and tumor cells under hypoxic conditions. She joined the Bernal-Mizrachi Lab in January 2021. She will apply her expertise on immunometabolism and translational research to identify how environmental conditions adversely affect signaling pathways regulating monocyte/macrophage differentiation and function in patients with diabetes. Her work will be also directed to explore the signaling pathways and cellular programming by which the prenatal environment influences post-natal life, specifically epigenetic modifications caused by vitamin D deficiency that increase the risk of insulin resistance and cardiovascular complications.

Lab Bernal-Mizrachi Lab