David M. Kipnis, MD

David M. Kipnis, MD

Distinguished University Professor of Medicine, and Professor of Molecular Biology and Pharmacology


David Kipnis was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He received his MD degree from the University of Maryland and house-staff training in medicine at Johns Hopkins, Duke, and the University of Maryland where he served as Chief Resident. He came to Washington University as a research fellow with Nobel laureates Carl and Gerty Cori and joined the faculty upon completing the fellowship. He was appointed Busch Professor and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Washington University in 1973 succeeding Carl Moore.

Research Interests

Dr. Kipnis’ research focused on the mechanism of insulin action, the fundamental pathogenic mechanisms responsible for the various forms of diabetes mellitus, the regulation of carbohydrate and the protein metabolism in isolated cellular systems and the intact organism, and the signal transduction pathways involved in hormone action.

Honors and Awards

National Academy of Sciences
Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Honorary PhD – Washington University, St. Louis
Honorary PhD – University of Maryland
Lilly Award, American Diabetes Association
Ernst Oppenheimer Award, Endocrine Society
Meritorious Citation Civilian Service, Department of Air Force
Banting Lecture, British Diabetes Association
Elliott Proctor Joslin Medal – New England Diabetes Association
Distinguished Alumnus Award, Duke University
Banting Lecture, American Diabetes Association
Charles H. Best Award – American Diabetes Association
Master, American College of Physicians
Kober Medal, Association of American Physicians