Jing Hughes, MD, PhD

Jing Hughes, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Hughes Lab 


  • BS, MS, Stanford University  
  • MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania. 
  • Residency and fellowship, Endocrinology, Yale University
  • Postdoctoral fellowship, Washington University

Honors & Awards: 

  • Endocrine Fellows Foundation Young Investigators Research Award, 2017
  • Washington University School of Medicine Division of Endocrinology Excellence in Teaching Award, 2018
  • Human Islet Research Network Gateway Investigator Award, 2021
  • American Society for Clinical Investigations Young Physician-Scientist Award, 2023
  • Central Society for Clinical and Translational Research Early Career Development Award, 2023
Research Interests: 

Primary cilia are cell-surface antennae that act as sensory and signaling organelles. The Hughes Lab aims to understand how pancreatic islet cilia control insulin secretion, and how disrupting cilia can cause diabetes and metabolic disease.

We use genetic models, in vitro islet studies, quantitative imaging, combined with biochemical and systems approaches to dissect the mechanisms of ciliary signaling in islet cells. Our lab has developed methods to study 3D cilia ultrastructure and live-cell dynamics, with recent work focusing on primary cilia motility and their roles in islet cell crosstalk.