Marina  Litvin, MD

Marina Litvin, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine


Dr. Marina Litvin has lived in St. Louis since 1991, after moving here with her family from St. Petersburg, Russia. She completed undergraduate degrees in biology and psychology at Washington University, and received her medical degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia. During medical school, Dr. Litvin was elected into the AOA honors society, and had an opportunity to learn some medical Spanish while taking care of patients in Vera Cruz, Mexico. Dr. Litvin completed her residency in Barnes Jewish Hospital -Washington University School of Medicine, during which time she received an award for outstanding achievement in the medical clinic.

Research Interests

Dr. Litvin’s current research explores the mechanisms by which hypoglycemia can be fatal. Specifically, Dr. Litvin is exploring the effects of hypoglycemia on cardiac arrhythmias, which can be life-threatening, and the effect of diabetes on tolerance of hypoglycemia. Through elucidation of these mechanisms, guided therapy can be developed to reduce mortality associated with hypoglycemia in patients with diabetes. Dr. Litvin works at the Diabetes Center, South County Medicine Multispecialty Center and in the Pulmonary Clinic.

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