Petra Krutilova, MD

Clinical Fellow


I was born in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia sitting on the bank of the Danube River. I completed my medical school (a 6-year program straight out of high school) in my hometown at Comenius University.

After graduation, I followed my now husband to Prague in the Czech Republic. There, I started Internal Medicine residency at a major academic center affiliated with Charles University.

Two years into residency, my husband convinced me to move again, this time across the pond, where we landed in the Bay Area. Excited for the new opportunity, I started preparing for the USMLE exams while working at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute lab focused on HDL cholesterol diagnostics. After two years in San Francisco, the time came for me to relocate my husband for a change. This time we moved across the country to Chicago, where I started (and successfully completed) my Internal Medicine residency at Mount Sinai Hospital. We are now both looking forward to continuing our Midwestern adventure in St. Louis.

In my free time, I enjoy food (especially the eating part), traveling, skiing, hiking, and going to the symphony and ballet. My husband and I also recently adopted Enzo, an adorable British Shorthair kitten.