Sima Maraqa, MD

Clinical Fellow


I was born and raised in Jordan. Caring about others is second nature to me, as I come from a big, loving family. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered my passion for Endocrinology very early in my career.

After graduating from medical school, I was eager to experience what a true endocrinologist’s work life is like, so I joined the Diabetes and Endocrinology National Center in Jordan as a general practitioner, and after working with the specialists and patients there, I knew that endocrinology was my calling.

I joined the Creighton Internal Medicine family in 2018. I find bone and mineral pathology fascinating, especially when associated with liver disease.

In my free time I love to garden, although there’s no guarantee my plants will live long enough to tell everyone what a wonderful plant mom I am. Hopefully one day I’ll be as good at keeping them alive as I do with my patients.