Trey Coleman, PhD

Research Instructor in Medicine

Research Interests

My research interest involves the role of lipoprotein metabolism in common diseases. Genetically engineered mice offer unique opportunities to manipulate physiology with the goal of a clearer perspective of healthy and disease states.

Tools ranging from as simple as balance and ruler for determination of body weight and length to sophisticated technology employed by EchoMRI or DEXA for the determination of body composition permit complex animal phenomes to now be evaluated. Blood pressure and heart rate may be determined in rodents with the use of either non-invasive or invasive instrumentation. Similarly, invasive core body temperature may be measured. Simple, fast, economical determinations of blood chemistry parameters are now common. Metabolic assessment of activity and indirect calorimetry permit an estimation of energy expenditure. The Animal Model Research Core within the CNRU and DRTC exist to make this technology accessible to investigators in all disciplines.