Millman shares how bioinformatics can be used to improve diabetes cell therapy 

On March 5, Jeffrey Millman, PhD was featured on The Sugar Science’s Ask the Expert webinar series, hosted on YouTube.  The episode was titled “Unraveling Cellular Complexity in Stem Cell-Derived Islet Identity through Single-Cell Sequencing.”  In the webinar, Dr. Millman gave an overview of using stem cell-derived islets in diabetes cellular therapy, and a comparative […]

Millman Lab receives funding to advance diabetes cell replacement therapy  

Earlier this year, Jeffrey Millman, PhD received sub-award funding from JDRF to support his lab’s extensive research in advancing diabetes cell replacement therapy.  The scarcity of pancreas donors has severely limited the supply of insulin-producing islets for clinical transplantation, prompting the exploration of alternative sources.   Dr. Millman has pioneered approaches to generate lab-grown islets from […]

Augsornworawat receives award for research on single-cell sequencing of stem cell-derived islets

On May 2, Punn Augsornworawat, PhD received the Biomedical Engineering Outstanding Research Award for his work in the single-cell sequencing of stem cell-derived islets for diabetes cell therapy.  Augsornworawat joined the Millman Lab back in 2018 as a doctoral student in the Biomedical Engineering PhD program. His interests lie in using bioinformatics to study islet development […]