Hughes receives CSCTR Early Career Development award

Jing Hughes, MD, PhD was recently selected as an awardee for the 2023 Early Career Development award, provided by the Central Society for Clinical and Translational Research (CSCTR). The organization develops and supports communication, collaboration and career development of medical researchers primarily located in the central region of the United States. The award recognizes and […]

Hughes and colleagues study cilia and Ca2+ waves in pancreatic islet leader beta cells  

In March, Jing Hughes, MD, PhD and colleagues had their work titled “Molecular phenotyping of single pancreatic islet leader beta cells by ‘Flash-Seq,’” published by Life Sciences.  Stimulation of insulin secretion occurs by high glucose from increases in cytosolic Ca2+ within pancreatic beta cells. Recent data has also shown that subpopulations of beta cells exist, […]

Hughes publishes research on scanning electron microscopy of human islet cilia 

On May 30, Jing Hughes, MD, PhD and collaborators had their research titled “Scanning electron microscopy of human islet cilia” published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “Human islet primary cilia are vital glucose-regulating organelles whose structure remains uncharacterized.” One useful technique to studying the surface morphology of primary cilia, is scanning electron […]

Hughes, Adamson, Petersen and Speck attend AAP, ASCI and APSA joint meeting 

During the weekend of April 21-23, Jing Hughes, MD, PhD; fellows Samantha Adamson, MD, PhD and Max Petersen, MD; and student Sarah Speck attended an annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The joint meeting was hosted by The Association of American Physicians (AAP), The American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI), and The American Physician-Scientists Association (APSA).  […]

Hughes publishes review on cilia action in islets 

On June 23, Jing Hughes, MD, PhD and collaborator had their work titled “Cilia Action in Islets: Lessons From Mouse Models” published in “Frontiers in Endocrinology.”  Primary cilia are rod-like sensors that “exist on all major islet endocrine cell types and transduce a variety of external cues, while dysregulation of cilia function contributes to the […]