Remedi and Nichols discuss glucokinase inhibition as an approach to diabetes treatment

On January 20, Maria S. Remedi, PhD and Colin G. Nichols, PhD had their perspective published in the American Diabetes Association’s diabetes journal, titled “Glucokinase Inhibition: A Novel Treatment for Diabetes?”  “Chronic hyperglycemia increases pancreatic β-cell metabolic activity, contributing to glucotoxicity-induced β-cell failure and loss of functional β-cell mass, potentially in multiple forms of diabetes.”  […]

Hughes Lab publishes research on primary cilia’s role in insulin secretion

On December 14, Jing W. Hughes, MD, PhD and Hughes Lab members had their research titled, “Islet primary cilia motility controls insulin secretion,” published in “bioRxiv.”   “Primary cilia are specialized cell-surface organelles that mediate sensory perception and, in contrast to motile cilia and flagella, are thought to lack motility function.” People with type 2 diabetes […]