Hughes, Adamson, Petersen and Speck attend AAP, ASCI and APSA joint meeting 

During the weekend of April 21-23, Jing Hughes, MD, PhD; fellows Samantha Adamson, MD, PhD and Max Petersen, MD; and student Sarah Speck attended an annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The joint meeting was hosted by The Association of American Physicians (AAP), The American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI), and The American Physician-Scientists Association (APSA).  […]

Malik and Petersen publish study on new obesity pharmacotherapies 

On July 24, Is-haq Malik, MD and Max Petersen, MD, PhD had their research titled “Glucagon-like peptide-1, glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide, and glucagon receptor poly-agonists: a new era in obesity pharmacotherapy,” published in “Obesity Society.”  The purpose of the study was to assess newly approved medications for treating obesity. “Semaglutide, a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist, […]

Petersen publishes review on the implications of time-restricted eating 

On August 25, Max C. Petersen, MD and collaborators has their review titled “Complex physiology and clinical implications of time-restricted eating,” published in “Physiological Reviews.”  Time-restricted eating (TRE) limits food consumption to certain windows of time throughout the day. Rodent models have been used to extensively study the effects of TRE on body weight and physiological […]