Silverstein discusses the physiology of growth hormone deficiency 

Julie Silverstein, MD

On February 1, Julie M. Silverstein, MD and previous fellow, Alexandra Martirossian, MD were featured in the podcast titled “Expert Conversations: The Physiology of Growth Hormone Deficiency,” hosted by “Consultant360.”  In the podcast, they discuss “the physiology of growth hormone deficiency and differences between childhood- and adult-onset growth hormone deficiency.” The segment is part of their […]

Millman featured in Sounds of Science podcast: A Possible Cure for Diabetes

On February 1, Jeffrey R. Millman, PhD joined Mary Parker on Eureka’s Sounds of Science podcast, episode 45: “A Possible Cure for Diabetes.”  In this episode, Millman discusses what work the Millman Lab is doing to find a cure for diabetes through cellular replacement therapy. The podcast also features Laura Gee, a type 1 diabetic patient […]