Powers Carson and Arora discuss negative correlations between BMI and glycated albumin 

In October of 2023, Jennifer Powers Carson, PhD and colleague, Jyoti Arora, MS of the Washington University School of Medicine, Center for Biostatistics and Data Science, had their work published by Clinical Biochemistry. The article was titled, “Glycated serum proteins and albumin but not glycated albumin show negative correlation with BMI in an overweight/obese, diabetic […]

Powers Carson receives AACC Distinguished Abstract Award 

On July 27, Jennifer Powers Carson, PhD, was awarded one of AACC Academy’s Distinguished Abstract Awards for her abstract titled, “Glycated Albumin During Pregnancy: Preliminary Reference Intervals for a Midwestern U.S. Population and Usefulness as a Predictor of Adverse Neonatal Events.”  Dr. Powers Carson’s abstract was one of 19 accepted for the 2022 AACC Annual […]