Hughes publishes review on cilia action in islets 

On June 23, Jing Hughes, MD, PhD and collaborator had their work titled “Cilia Action in Islets: Lessons From Mouse Models” published in “Frontiers in Endocrinology.”  Primary cilia are rod-like sensors that “exist on all major islet endocrine cell types and transduce a variety of external cues, while dysregulation of cilia function contributes to the […]

Hughes Lab publishes research on primary cilia’s role in insulin secretion

On December 14, Jing W. Hughes, MD, PhD and Hughes Lab members had their research titled, “Islet primary cilia motility controls insulin secretion,” published in “bioRxiv.”   “Primary cilia are specialized cell-surface organelles that mediate sensory perception and, in contrast to motile cilia and flagella, are thought to lack motility function.” People with type 2 diabetes […]