Silverstein discusses the physiology of growth hormone deficiency 

Julie Silverstein, MD

On February 1, Julie M. Silverstein, MD and previous fellow, Alexandra Martirossian, MD were featured in the podcast titled “Expert Conversations: The Physiology of Growth Hormone Deficiency,” hosted by “Consultant360.”  In the podcast, they discuss “the physiology of growth hormone deficiency and differences between childhood- and adult-onset growth hormone deficiency.” The segment is part of their […]

Silverstein discusses patient care for brain tumor patients

In a recent video by the Siteman Cancer Center, Julie Silverstein, MD discusses what brain tumor patients can expect from the extended care team. Silverstein directs the Washington University Pituitary Center, alongside neurosurgeon Albert H. Kim, MD, PhD.  The informative video is a six-chapter series, where Silverstein also shares her unique role, why she became an […]

McGill and sub-investigators’ trial for insulin-only bionic pancreas improves type 1 diabetes management 

On September 28, the National Institutes of Health released information on a pivotal trial for the insulin-only bionic pancreas study. The trial was led by principal investigator, Janet B. McGill, MD, and sub-investigators, Julie M. Silverstein, MD; Maamoun Salam, MD; Samantha Adamson, MD, PhD; and Andrea Cedeno, MD.   The bionic pancreas is unique, closed-loop insulin pump, […]

Silverstein publishes manuscript on associations of pituitary tumor apoplexy surgery 

Julie Silverstein, MD

On July 12, Julie M. Silverstein, MD and collaborators published a manuscript in “Current Oncology,” titled “Surgery for Pituitary Tumor Apoplexy Is Associated with Rapid Headache and Cranial Nerve Improvement.”  Pituitary tumor apoplexy (PTA) causes sudden-onset headaches, loss of vision, ophthalmoparesis and decreased consciousness. This study looks at a series of patients with PTA at an […]