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Transgender Center opens West County location

The Washington University Transgender Center is excited to open its newest location in West County on April 11, at 1044 N. Mason Road, Suite 330 with Dr. Seth Parham (he/him) providing comprehensive intake, referral and gender affirming hormone therapy services. 

West County Transgender Center, Medical Office Building 4

The center is committed to providing comprehensive, affirming care for gender diverse individuals and has existing locations on the main campus at the Center for Advanced Medicine and in South County. 

The interdisciplinary team and referral network includes ENT surgeons, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, gynecologists and urologists who perform procedures for surgical transition. This includes voice modification procedures, facial feminization, laser hair removal, and top and bottom surgery. Speech therapists work with individuals interested in vocal pitch modulation when the desired effect cannot be achieved with hormone therapy, and reproductive endocrinology colleagues offer fertility preservation and family building support.

The center also recognizes the importance of mental health and maintains a list of affirming primary care physicians and referable psychiatrists and therapists in Missouri and Illinois. While also working closely with Washington University social workers who are trained in gender affirming care to support patients’ additional needs and are working to build additional collaborations in the community.  

Pediatric and adult centers coordinate long-term care, as the adult centers serve individuals ages 18 and older. There, endocrinologists provide gender affirming hormone therapy, with injection teaching if needed, according to World Professional Association for Transgender Health guidelines in an informed consent model. The team supports the sexual health of patients through the provision of STI testing and pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV. They also provide pelvic care in the transgender center, in coordination with our gynecology colleagues, for gender expansive individuals with a cervix. Referrals, prior medical records, or therapist letters are not required to schedule an evaluation in the adult center.  

For more information on the center, visit here. To schedule an appointment, call 314-362-3500 and select option 1.