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Xiaochao Wei, PhD publishes article in Circulation Research

Xiaochao Wei, PhD, Clay F. Semenkovich, MD and collaborators had their findings published July 3 in Circulation Research. The publication is titled, “Endothelial Palmitoylation Cycling Coordinates Vessel Remodeling in Peripheral Artery Disease.”

Peripheral artery disease, common in metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus, responds poorly to medical interventions and is characterized by chronic vessel immaturity leading to lower extremity amputations.

The researchers’ objective in their research was to define the role of reversible palmitoylation at the endothelium in the maintenance of vascular maturity. Palmitoylation coordinates vessel remodeling in peripheral artery disease.  

Immunofluorescent images of a spreading endothelial cells that lacks APT1, acyl-protein thioesterase enzyme responsible for depalmitoylation.   These cells were stained with 9EG7 (green) staining for integrin β1 chain (CD29), F- actin (red), and paxillin (blue).

The authors concluded, “These results suggest that endothelial depalmitoylation is regulated by the metabolic milieu and controls plasma membrane partitioning to maintain vascular homeostasis.”

Authors include Sangeeta Adak, Mohamed Zayed, Li Yin, Chu Feng, Sarah L. Speck, Rahul S. Kathayat, Qiang Zhang, and Bryan C. Dickinson.

Endothelial Palmitoylation Cycling Coordinates Vessel Remodeling in Peripheral Artery Disease