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Hogrebe receives JDRF Transition Award

On February 1, Nathaniel Hogrebe, PhD received a $110,000 JDRF Transition Award. The award is meant to assist recipients of the JDRF Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowship to advance into a faculty position as they continue with diabetes-related research. Hogrebe transitioned from Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Millman Lab, to Instructor in Medicine on February 1.

I am very grateful for JDRF’s funding of my postdoctoral fellowship and for their continued financial support through this Transition Award as I shift to research faculty, where I will be further studying the role of the cytoskeleton in cell fate decisions during the differentiation of stem cells to pancreatic islets. Enhancing the specification and maturation of these stem cell-derived islets can improve transplantation outcomes when used as a cell-based therapy for treating insulin-dependent diabetes.