Sangeeta Adak, PhD

Sangeeta Adak, PhD

Instructor in Medicine


Sangeeta Adak received her Ph.D in Biochemistry in 2009 from the University of Calcutta, India where she studied the possible risk factors in type 2 Diabetes mellitus and associated cardiovascular disorders. In the same year she joined Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis in Dr. Linda Pike’s lab for her postdoctoral studies where her research focused on structure-function analysis of epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor and characterization of its interaction with other ErbB family members. She then joined in Dr. Clay Semenkovich’s lab in 2012 at the Washington University School of Medicine as a postdoctoral research fellow to study lipid metabolism. She was appointed as a Staff Scientist in 2013 and Senior scientist in 2017. Dr. Adak joined the faculty as an instructor in the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Lipid Research in the Department of Medicine in 2021.

Research Interests

My research interest is based on the role of lipoprotein metabolism, lipid–protein/lipid interaction in diabetes and related metabolic disorders. My current research focus is on peripheral artery disease model involving characterization of genetically engineered in vivo model which offers unique opportunities to manipulate physiology with the goal of a clearer perspective of healthy and diseased states. I am also interested in studying the effect of glucocorticoid receptor post-translational modifications in insulin resistance.

I am also actively engaged in Diabetic research Core and Nutritional Obesity research core by creating an environment that supports important as well as innovative research in diabetes and related metabolic disorders that would likely contribute to discoveries that can be translated to novel treatments for diabetes and its complications.

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