Sumit Patel

Doctoral Student, DBBS Pre Doc Trainee

Sumit was born in Eldoret, a town located in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. He attended St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where he graduated with a B.S. in Biotechnology. He then enrolled in a Master of Science in Biology program at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. He worked on the molecular and physiological mechanisms by which obesity predisposes humans to disease utilizing Drosophila melanogaster as a model. Upon completion of his Master’s in 2020, he moved on to pursue his Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology program at Washington University in St. Louis. He joined the lab of Dr. Maria Remedi to understand the underlying mechanisms in the development and progression of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and to determine the role of autophagy in diabetes. During his free time, he enjoys watching sports (a big fan of Manchester United), reading and being outdoors.

Remedi Lab