Bernal-Mizrachi Lab demonstrates the relationship between embryonic vitamin D deficiency and type 2 diabetes 

On June 13, Bernal-Mizrachi Lab had their article titled “Embryonic vitamin D deficiency programs hematopoietic stem cells to induce type 2 diabetes,” published by Springer Nature.  Currently, the risk of later-in-life type 2 diabetes from embryonic immune cell programming is unknown. It is possible that environmental factors can cause metabolic disease by altering the fetal […]

Bernal-Mizrachi shares perspective on the relationship between vitamin D supplements and obesity 

On January 17, Carlos Bernal-Mizrachi, MD was featured in a recent Healio article, titled “Adults with overweight, obesity may have decreased response to vitamin D supplements.”  The article discusses a post hoc analysis of data from a VITAL trial. Specifically, how the effect of vitamin D supplements on 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels could be weakened for those […]