Wei and Semenkovich publish research presenting an anti-viral strategy against COVID-19 

In April, Xiaochao Wei, PhD, Clay F. Semenkovich, MD and colleagues had their research titled “Suppressing fatty acid synthase by type I interferon and chemical inhibitors as a broad spectrum anti-viral strategy against SARS-CoV-2,” published in “Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B.”  SARS-VoC-2, otherwise known as COVID-19, is an “emerging viral pathogen and a major global public […]

Semenkovich publishes research on how parent-of-origin effects shape metabolic traits

Clay F. Semenkovich, MD

In March, Clay F. Semenkovich, MD and colleagues had their work titled “Parent-of-origin effects propagate through networks to shape metabolic traits,” published in “eLife.”  Parent-of-origin effects (POE) are a class of genetic effects transmitted from parents to their offspring and are “unexpectedly common in complex traits, including metabolic and neurological traits.” Environmental factors can modify […]

Semenkovich and Rajagopal publish article on ‘fatty retina’ linking to vision loss in diabetes

Clay F. Semenkovich, MD and Rithwick Rajagopal, MD, PhD recently published an article in Lipid Maps titled, “’Fatty retina’ – A root cause of vision loss in diabetes?”  “Diabetes is a disease of broadly disordered metabolism that affects how cells handle lipids, amino acids and signaling networks that regulate growth and proliferation, in addition to […]