Core Lab for Clinical Studies

CLIA-certified, CAP-inspected clinical laboratory to support clinical and animal research. It offers the lowest available prices for over 200 analytes done in-house as well as for send-out specialty tests referred to national laboratories. Core Lab consults with investigators without charge to help determine the best tests to order and how to reduce costs.

Diabetes Center

Diabetes Research Center

The mission of the Washington University School of Medicine Diabetes Research Center is to support and enhance research in diabetes and related metabolic diseases through expert Biomedical Research Cores, a vibrant Pilot & Feasibility Program and a dynamic Enrichment Program, all of which address the evolving needs of diabetes investigators.

Mass Spectrometry

NIH/NIGMS Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Resource

NIH supported Biotechnology Facility focused on conducting Core mass spectrometry (MS) research that advances mass spectrometry-based techniques for characterizing, identifying, and quantifying novel and routine biomolecules and drugs. We provide consultation, MS service for routine analytes, and collaboration for custom-designed MS analyses for many biomolecule classes: lipids, proteins, peptides, small organic metabolites, carbohydrates, and disease biomarkers. We support and maintain contemporary gas (GC) and liquid chromatography (LC) systems, multiple ionization modes, tandem and hybrid mass spectrometers. Self-service is available for matrix assisted laser desorption-time of flight MS analyses and GC-MS systems (after training). Our fee structure is published, but flexible, and DRC, NORC, Department of Chemistry members receive substantial discounts.