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McKee and Zhang publish review on the infectious complications of diabetes 

On January 1, Alexis McKee, MD and Rong Mei Zhang, MD had their review titled “Sickeningly Sweet: Infectious Complications of Diabetes” published in the “Clinical Microbiology Newsletter.” 

Diabetes mellitus is incredibly common in the United States and has a high occurrence of infectious complications. These complications cause an increase in morbidity, mortality, and utilization of the health care system. “The mechanisms contributing to infection in a person living with diabetes are complex and include underlying pathology affecting physiologic functions ranging from adaptive immunity to skin integrity.” 

Throughout the review, McKee and Zhang summarize existing data surrounding these pathologies and look at the uniqueness of common infections. They highlight how specific infections are more prevalent in those with diabetes, discussing the clinical presentations and diagnostic considerations. 

Sickeningly Sweet: Infectious Complications of Diabetes