Hughes and Merrins receive substantial NIH grant to study metabolic signaling of beta cell primary cilium 

Recently, Jing Hughes, MD, PhD and her collaborator Matthew Merrins, PhD, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, were awarded nearly four million dollars in funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to support their joint research project titled “Metabolic signaling of the beta cell primary cilium.” The funding will stretch from July of 2024 to […]

Semenkovich describes model of type 2 diabetes in video series for World Diabetes Day

On November 14, Dr. Clay F. Semenkovich, Chief of the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Lipid Research, participated in World Diabetes Day by joining in a YouTube series hosted by Cell Metabolism. In the series, Dr. Semenkovich discusses the paper “Palmitoylation couples insulin hypersecretion with β cell failure in diabetes,” published on February 7, 2023, […]

Remedi and colleagues offer insight to insulin secretion disruption associated with KATP loss

On February 10, Maria S. Remedi, PhD and colleagues had their abstract titled “Hyperexcitability reduces TRPM5 in pancreatic β-cells: Insights into disruption of insulin secretion in chronically stimulated islets,” published in Biophysical Journal.  “Acute inhibition of ATP-sensitive K+ (KATP) channels in pancreatic β-cells result in depolarization, Ca2+ influx, and insulin secretion.” Throughout their research, the […]

Akturk and McKee review emerging type 1 diabetes technologies and therapeutics 

On August 19, Halis Kaan Akturk, MD of the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes at University of Colorado and Alexis M. McKee, MD of the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Lipid Research at Washington University School of Medicine, had their review titled “Emerging Technologies and Therapeutics for Type 1 Diabetes,” published online by Science Direct. […]

Herrick investigates the effects of SDoH on glycemic control in low-income individuals with type 2 diabetes 

Cynthia Herrick, MD, FACP

On May 23, Cynthia Herrick, MD, MPHS and colleagues had their study titled “Food insecurity, SNAP participation and glycemic control in low-income adults with predominantly type 2 diabetes: a cross-sectional analysis using NHANES 2007–2018 data,” published by BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care.  Food insecurity is one social determinant of health (SDoH) known to affect […]

Hogrebe, Ishahak and Millman review stem cell-derived islet replacement therapy for type 1 diabetes 

On May 4, Nathaniel Hogrebe, PhD; Matthew Ishahak, PhD; and Jeffrey Millman, PhD had their review titled “Developments in stem cell-derived islet replacement therapy for treating type 1 diabetes,” published in Cell Stem Cell.  In diabetes treatment, there is great potential for islet-like endocrine clusters from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) to provide a limitless […]

Zhang and McGill offer an in-depth analysis on clinical guidelines for chronic kidney disease in type 2 diabetes 

In March, Rong Mei Zhang, MD; Janet B. McGill, MD, and colleagues had their journal article titled “Clinical implications and guidelines for CKD in type 2 diabetes,” published in Volume 38, Issue 3 of Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation.  Kidney disease is a complication of type 2 diabetes (T2D) and carries a high morbidity and mortality rate. […]

McGill receives ACP Samuel Eichold II Memorial Award for Contributions in Diabetes 

On April 27, Janet B. McGill, MD received the 2023 Samuel Eichold II Memorial Award for Contributions in Diabetes from the American College of Physicians during their annual Convocation ceremony in San Diego, California.  The award recognizes Dr. McGill’s research contributions, which have significantly improved the quality of care and clinical management of diabetes. Widely […]

Hogrebe and Millman contribute to new study on immune-engineered stem cells  

On May 8, Nathaniel Hogrebe, PhD; Jeffrey Millman, PhD; and collaborators published the research article “Hypoimmune induced pluripotent stem cells survive long term in fully immunocompetent, allogeneic rhesus macaques” in Nature Biotechnology demonstrating that immune-engineered induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) can survive long-term without provoking an immune reaction.   These hypoimmune iPSCs were engineered to lack the […]

Dusso and colleagues highlight a distinct contribution of klotho to cardiac and renal fibrosis in diabetes 

On March 9, Adriana S. Dusso, PhD and colleagues had their work titled “Role of Klotho and AGE/RAGE-Wnt/β-Catenin Signalling Pathway on the Development of Cardiac and Renal Fibrosis in Diabetes,” published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.  A key influence on the development of long-term diabetic complications, including cardiac and renal dysfunction, is fibrosis.  […]