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McKee publishes article on continuous glucose monitoring 

Alexis McKee, MD

On December 19, Alexis M. McKee, MD, CDCES, published an article on “EndocrineWeb,” titled “Is Continuous Glucose Monitoring for You?” 

The first continuous glucose monitor (CGM) came to existence in the early 2000s. The prior method of blood sugar testing at the time was fingerstick glucose reading. “By 2016, the accuracy of CGM sensors was so good that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved continuous glucose readings to replace fingerstick blood sugar testing altogether.” 

In the article, McKee discusses how CGMs work, who can benefit them and what you need to know about insurance coverage. She also provides a comprehensive list of currently available CGMs on the market and how they compare to one another. 

Is Continuous Glucose Monitoring for You?