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Transgender Center celebrates LGBTQIA+ pride

On June 25-26, some of our Transgender Center doctors celebrated LGBTQIA+ pride at St. Louis PrideFest. Along with many others from Washington University School of Medicine, they marched proudly in the PrideFest parade with OUTmed. You also may have seen them helping out at the OUTmed booth, providing information about the Transgender Center. 

Dana Schull, Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology (left) and Dr. Kelley Williams, Transgender Center (right)
Co-Directors of the Transgender Center; Dr. Cynthia Herrick (left) and Dr. Thomas Baranski (right)

Year-round, the Transgender Center celebrates the beauty, diversity and resilience of the transgender community. The center is committed to providing confidential and personalized, multidisciplinary care that addresses each individual’s unique needs. Offering services such as gender-affirming hormones, therapy, an interdisciplinary group, referrals, pelvic care, pre-exposure prophylaxis, comprehensive HIV and screening. 

Learn more about the resources and services provided by the Transgender Center, here