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Urano and Jasim discuss Wolfram syndrome case report on AACE Podcast 

On September 11, 2023, Fumihiko Urano, MD, PhD and Sina Jasim, MD, MPH, were featured on the AACE’s podcast titled “Episode 41: AACE Clinical Case Report on Wolfram Syndrome.” As the editor in chief of AACE Clinical Case Reports, Dr. Jasim welcomes Wolfram syndrome expert Dr. Urano, to discuss his recent case report, published by the journal, titled “Two Cases of Wolfram Syndrome Who Were Initially Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes.” 

Currently, there is no known treatment available for Wolfram syndrome. The disease is a rare genetic disorder that causes the development of early-onset diabetes mellitus, optic nerve atrophy and neurodegeneration.  

In the episode, Drs. Urano and Jasim discuss a clinical case report on two patients with Wolfram syndrome. Throughout the podcast, they share “the importance of distinguishing between Wolfram syndrome and type 1 diabetes, the significance of the homozygous vs. compound heterozygous pathogenic variants in WFS1 gene, how the management and treatment for Wolfram syndrome differs from that of type 1 diabetes, the current status of therapeutic interventions, and much more.” 

To learn more about Wolfram syndrome and the Wolfram Syndrome International Registry & Clinical Study led by Dr. Urano, visit here.