Our Actions 

The Division’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion taskforce was formed after a needs assessment survey conducted in August 2020 and is charged with crafting and proposing structural, process, and programming changes to division leadership to welcome, support, and promote all individuals within the division and all patients we serve.  Ongoing and future actions are outlined below, organized according to the School of Medicine’s multifaceted mission:   


  • Incorporating best practices to achieve equity in recruitment, hiring, evaluation, mentoring, promotion, and salaries 
  • Intentionally recruiting and mentoring a diverse faculty, fellows, and clinical and research staff  
  • Improving opportunities for ongoing input and communication throughout the division 


  • Training on implicit bias in healthcare 
  • Appreciating how historical trauma in healthcare and medical research lead to distrust of these systems among people of color, LGBTQIA+, and other vulnerable populations 
  • Fostering inclusion through recognition and celebration of different cultural traditions  

Patient care 

  • Understanding the role of social determinants of health, racism, sexism, and other intersecting identities in patients’ experience of care and ability to manage disease 
  • Aspiring to achieve equity and eliminate disparities in endocrine health outcomes 


  • Utilizing best practices in community engaged, patient centered approaches to research to begin rebuilding trust