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Hughes, Adamson, Petersen and Speck attend AAP, ASCI and APSA joint meeting 

During the weekend of April 21-23, Jing Hughes, MD, PhD; fellows Samantha Adamson, MD, PhD and Max Petersen, MD; and student Sarah Speck attended an annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The joint meeting was hosted by The Association of American Physicians (AAP), The American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI), and The American Physician-Scientists Association (APSA). 

At the gathering, Hughes received the 2023 ASCI Young Physician-Scientist Award. Her lab’s work focuses on primary cilia in islet cells, using genetic models and live imaging to study the consequences of cilia perturbation in human ciliopathies as well as type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Visit here, to learn more about Hughes Lab. 

This award was made possible by the nomination and support from our division chief, Dr. Clay Semenkovich. It recognizes the work of my entire group, rather than just an individual. We enjoy doing science together.

Jing Hughes, MD, PhD
Adamson (left), Hughes (middle) and Petersen (right) at the 2023 annual joint meeting of the AAP, ASCI and APSA.

Additionally, current fellow and former Chicago-native, Petersen gave an outstanding talk during the plenary session of the meeting. Along with Sarah Speck, a student within the Washington University Medical Scientist Training Program and a member of Semekovich Lab, who gave an excellent poster presentation. 

Overall, Hughes, Adamson, Petersen and Speck represented the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Lipid Research with pride.