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Lodhi serves as editor for a book on brown fat methods

On April 19, Springer Nature published “Thermogenic Fat: Methods and Protocol,” edited by Irfan Lodhi, PhD. The book is part of the Methods of Molecular Biology series. 

The volume targets both beginners in the field and experts looking to expand their repertoire of skills. Consisting of twenty-one chapters, it presents a broad collection of state-of-the-art methods to study the biology of thermogenic fat using in vitro cell culture and animal models. 

Lodhi Lab also provided contributions in the form of two chapters. “Thermogenic Phenotyping in Mice,” written by Lodhi and Donghua Hu, PhD, describes two methods for assessing thermogenic phenotypes in mice under non-basal states. Another chapter contributed by Lodhi; Hideji Fujiwara; Fong-Fu Hsu, PhD; and Dongliang Lu, PhD, is titled  “Isolation and Mass Spectrometry-Based Profiling of Major Lipids in Brown Adipose Tissue” and discusses “a step-by-step workflow starting from sample preparations to mass spectrometry-based analysis of fatty acids and phospholipids in BAT.” 

Visit here, to learn more about the work of Lodhi and his research lab. 

Thermogenic Fat: Methods and Protocol