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McGill, Salam and McKee get first patient for clinical trial testing Biosense device for those with Type 1 Diabetes 

Biosense® device and health app

Washington University School of Medicine recently received a two-year grant of $360,000 from JDRF to fund research testing the efficacy of the Biosense handheld breath ketone monitor in persons with type 1 diabetes during care with insulin and with the addition of a sodium glucose transporter inhibitor drug. 

Biosense is a non-invasive option to capillary blood testing or urine testing for in-home biofeedback fat oxidation levels based on nutrition and exercise. It was launched in 2020 by Readout Health, a medical digital health startup. 

Janet B. McGill, MD, MA, FACP will serve as the principal investigator, along with sub-investigators Maamoun Salam, MD and Alexis McKee, MD. 

The clinical trial just received their first patient for the study. For more information on the clinical trial, visit Clinicaltrials.gov

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