Plan 45-60 minutes for your first visit. You will meet with an endocrinologist who has special training in transgender medicine. While not required, any records from therapists or primary physicians can be provided before or during your visit.

You will discuss treatment options and learn about expected outcomes and any potential complications. Gender-affirming hormone therapy is provided with an “informed consent” model. This means our endocrinologist will work with you to determine the best path forward and ensure you understand all the risks and benefits of gender-affirming therapy.

You will receive information about other services provided within the Washington University Transgender Center, including top and bottom surgeries. We will make all referrals to our service providers, as appropriate for your needs.

Please note that if you are already receiving gender affirming hormone therapy OR are only interested in surgical or other affirming procedures, you may call those providers’ offices directly to schedule consultations instead of meeting with the endocrinologist first. Provider contact information is available under the “Meet the Team” section. Surgeons may have specific requirements prior to surgery, including smoking cessation and BMI below certain thresholds depending upon the procedure. Our team of endocrinologists and primary care doctors can work with you to achieve those goals.

We are here to help.