DongLiang Lu, PhD

DongLiang Lu, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Dongliang Lu was born and grew up in Henan province of China. He got his bachelor’s degree in Science of Aquaculture from Shanghai Ocean University. Then he joined the Laboratory of Aquaculture Nutrition and Environmental Health in East China Normal University and received his PhD degree major in Metabolic Physiology in 2019. His PhD research focused on the effect of fasting on cold tolerance in zebrafish. He joined Lodhi Lab in summer of 2019 to study the role of peroxisome in adipose tissue thermogenesis.

Research Interests

Peroxisome is an organelle with many biological functions, such as reduce cell ROS, degrade very long chain fatty acid and branch fatty acid, and synthesis the ether-linked phospholipids. Peroxisome has been found has interactions with mitochondria and is very important in the energy metabolism in adipose tissue. My research purpose is to find out how peroxisome modulate mitochondrial dynamic and thermogenesis in adipose tissue using peroxisome function defect mice and cell model.


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